Water Removal San Diego

Water Removal San Diego

It will only take an inch of water to wreak havoc on your property and to ruin your possessions completely. This is the reason why you must schedule for water removal in San Diego from EZ Dry Flood Damage as soon as the flooding occurs.

Water removal services for all types of flooding

Have you been a victim of Mother Nature, pump failure, or backed up sewage /septic system? We are here to ensure that, regardless of the source of the flooding, we will remove the water on time. Leaving the water flooding in one area for an extended period will prove to be a financially costly mistake later on. It may also cost you your family’s health and well-being.

We are equipped with the tools and skills to remove the water, dry the affected area, and detect any residual moisture in the surrounding regions. We ensure that every part of the cleaning process goes on thoroughly and efficiently. Our technicians will come in, remove the waters and any unsalvageable contents including damaged, drywall and flooring, clean and thoroughly dry the affected area.

Which types of water removal services do you provide?

We remove all three categories of waters from your San Diego property. These include

  • Clean water flooding – this is flooding caused by clean water from broken or burst water pipes, broken pumps, leakages, etc.
  • Greywater flooding – this is flooding caused by already used water, e.g., from cleaning. This will typically come from dishwashers, washing machines, overflowing tubs, etc.
  • Blackwater flooding – this is flooding caused by se4wage. It usually comes from backed-up toilets, sewer, and septic systems. It is the most hazardous type of water because it contains human and animal waste, and it carries disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Each of these flooding situations requires special equipment and know-how to handle. A simple DIY water removal won’t do the trick. We have the proper equipped to handle all of these situations.

The latest removal and drying technology

Having access to appropriate water removal resources is critical to minimizing water damage. With our equipment and timely service, we ensure that we remove the water as fast as possible. We understand that the longer the flooding remains in the area, the higher the damage you stand to incur. This is the reason why we have invested heavily in the latest removal and drying technologies.

Has the flooding happened on a multi-level property such as an apartment building or offices? We can tackle the problem using portable flood extractors. Is your flooding situation caused by sewage, chemicals, and other hazardous fluids? Our truck-mounted equipment will take care of that extraction too.

Who do you call for water removal in San Diego?

You should call (858) 524-3297. We offer fast, reliable, and local water extraction services for all San Diego residents.

With EZ Dry Flood Damage you get the best water removal in San Diego. Call at any hour, and you will find a representative waiting to help you out.

Water Removal San Diego