Outdoor Misting Fans

Everyone loves summer and warm weather, but those hot afternoons can make it challenging to enjoy your time outside. Outdoor misting fans help cool down your outside space while also bringing a bit of charm and whimsy. You may already know that the best misting systems are often used in theme parks and other outdoor public spaces. When you select the right one for your needs and outdoor layout, they can be comfortable and efficient. It is all a matter of finding out which one will fit your budget and design.

How The Best Water Cooling Systems Work

High-quality misting fans for your outdoor space are made to put out a very fine mist comprised of water droplets only microns in size. These fine mist droplets get formed once the water gets forced from the nozzles. As the water comes into contact with the dry, hot air, you have flash evaporation cooling.

The evaporation process from outdoor water misting equipment draws the heat from the surrounding air. This does is drop the ambient temperature in the outdoor space by as much as 40 degrees. The unit fan then blows cooled air over the space, thus creating a cooling effect without any annoying noises or direct breeze that you would otherwise have from sizable outdoor box fans.

Installing outdoor misting fans is cost-effective and simple, making a great way to expand your usable outdoor living space. This is great for any private residence, hotel, coffee shop, restaurant, community center, or resort. They also make a great option for a park or a beautiful outdoor landscaped area for a commercial building.

Cool-Off Has The Selection You Need

When looking at misting systems for sale online, you may become overwhelmed with all of the different choices. It is important that you know a bit about the options available and how they work to find the best misting system to fit your needs. We are always here to go over our products, broken down by budget, functions, and coverage space. Some of the best misting systems that we carry include:

  • Patio Misters – Our patio misting systems offer a low-cost solution when you want to cool off your backyard, patio, pet area, tent, and more. You have to attach it to your water faucet or garden hose to enjoy a 20-degree drop in temperature.
  • Fogging Systems – These units create amazing fogging effects for pool decks, fountains, landscapes, etc. They make it easy to cool off while creating a wonderful focal point.
  • High-Pressure Misting Systems – Our high-pressure systems are unique and extremely effective, offering ultimate cooling for any outdoor space.

Do you need high-quality water misting accessories and parts? Nothing beats our selection at Cool-Off when it comes to outdoor misting fans and all of the associated accessories. If you have questions about finding the right system for your property, we can help. Give us a call at 800-504-6478 for assistance. We are here to help you and your family cool off when the weather heats up!

Outdoor Misting Fans